POSConnection FAQs:

What is point of sale data?

Information about the place where a given product is sold. 

How can companies use point of sale data?

To understand customer purchasing behavior in order to make smarter decisions about sales, marketing, inventory, and operations. Also, for some companies, this data is critical to properly compensating independent sales representatives.

How does a third-party hub help companies transfer point-of-sale data?

Leveraging point-of-sale data can be a challenge for manufacturers because the process of collecting and combining it is challenging. This is a result from the fact that many distributors and retailers provide the data in their own formats (Excel, .csv, EDI, and more). On top of that, the data provided from different channel partners can sometimes be incomplete. A secure data hub with standardized data aggregation and transfer capabilities provides manufacturers with accurate and complete point-of-sale data in a single, consistent file.

How secure is my organization’s data when using POSConnection?

POSConnection runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. AWS manages dozens of compliance programs in its infrastructure. This means that segments of your compliance have already been completed.

How is my POSConnection account protected?

Your account is password protected. You control who has access to approved information. Users who sign in to your POSConnection account through the sign-in page can access your resources through the to the extent that you grant them permission.

Who determines who has access?

Manufacturers authorize who does and does not have access. Manufacturers control user access for their distributors, their own employees, and their rep agents.

Who owns the data?

POSConnection passes through data from distributors to manufacturers. POSConnection is simply a data highway. By uploading their data, distributors give manufacturers rights to use the sales reporting per the individual manufacturer’s POS usage terms. Data will not be aggregated for market analysis unless expressly permitted by the manufacturer.

Does POSConnection have reporting capabilities?

POSConnection offers several reporting tools to assist in navigating the provided POS information for distributors, manufacturers, and Sales Rep companies.

Do I need to involve my IT Team for deployment?

No. Deployment is easy. POSConnection is a software as a service web platform, and as such, requires no involvement from your IT resources.

What requirements are needed from our team?

The manufacturer needs no hardware or software. Rather we need key information from your company to assist in your user experience better. In addition to your preferences on user access, POSConnection can integrate with your distributor and product data, so the sales transactions are organized in advance of you receiving the records.

We decided we want to move forward. Now what?

We are here to support you and make this as easy as possible. Our customer service group is here to support you and the onboarding of your distributors. We will answer their data submittal questions, work with manufacturer IT and sales operation departments to facilitate uploading of product information (catalog numbers, UPC numbers, descriptions, etc.). Your first step is to reach out to the POSConnection team, and we will walk you through the onboarding process. Manufacturers can be on board using the web platform in just a few weeks.

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