POSConnection for Distributors

Simplify your point-of-sale data uploads and ensure the right data reaches the right vendors

Point-of-sale data is incredibly valuable to your vendors. Your vendor partners can help you accelerate growth within your customers when they can identify trends and opportunities that are only uncovered with accurate and complete data from across their channel. 

The problem? Providing the right data to each of your vendors can be frustrating and time consuming. Aside from the varying templates, requirements, and preferences, transferring transaction data separately to each manufacturer partner can pose security risks when processes are not organized and executed properly. 

POSConnection provides a simple, secure approach for you to transfer point-of-sale data to your vendors.

Single, Standardized Process

Provide data to each vendor using the same formatting and upload process

Single Upload for Multiple Vendors

No more spreadsheet attachments or separate logins; Submit a single file with all transactions

Secure & Confidential

POSConnection meets the highest data security standards, ensuring your sensitive data is protected

Notification & Tracking

Know exactly when data files have been successfully received by your vendors

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