POSConnection Solves the Problem

Point-of-sale data transfer can be a frustrating task. Due to the administrative inefficiencies and inconsistencies many companies experience, they often don’t capitalize on the potential benefits of the data.

POSConnection is a centralized data solution that simplifies the process for companies who send and receive point-of-sale data. A standardized data collection and POS reporting platform improves efficiency for the distributors who need to submit the data while simplifying the capture process for those vendors. Best of all, both parties can transfer the data with confidence that their sensitive data is secure throughout the process.

POSConnection can support an industry (for example an association) or be deployed for a cooperative group of suppliers seeking to reduce operational costs and streamline processes.

Getting Started with POSConnection

Once a group of manufacturers, or an association, decide to deploy POSConnection and determine the approved formats, the process is simple:

  • Distributor On-Boarding

    Distributors join the platform

  • Distributor Export

    Distributors gather the necessary information from within their ERP system, consistent with the standard formats

  • Distributor Upload

    Distributors securely upload their data to the POSConnection hub

  • Data Validation & Cleansing

    Each distributor's data is validated and corrected based on up-to-date manufacturer and industry data

  • Data Compiled by Manufacturer

    Each manufacturer's relevant transactions from all distributors are aggregated into a single file

  • Manufacturer Download

    Each manufacturer can download the compiled file securely

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Easily access consistent, validated point-of-sale data from distributors and independent reps.

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Simplify your point-of-sale data uploads and ensure the right data reaches the right vendor partners.

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