Efficiently transferring point-of-sale (POS) data from distributor to manufacturer can be challenging due to a lack of standardization. Distributors traditionally provide a range of data to multiple manufacturers in various formats. This often results in inconsistent, inaccurate data.

POSConnection simplifies the process by providing a secure, unified platform for POS data transfer.

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Point-of-Sale Data the Easy Way

POSConnection makes data transfer simple. Each distributor provides a single, secure upload of their transactional data – for all their vendors – directly to the platform. POSConnection maps each line item directly to the appropriate manufacturer supplier. In turn, each manufacturer accesses a standardized file with the point-of-sale data for their products sold by their distributors.   

Because transaction data is sensitive, POSConnection adheres to strict privacy and cybersecurity practices to encrypt and protect each party’s data throughout the process. No longer will you have to send and receive sensitive customer and product data through non-secure emails and spreadsheets.  

Through POSConnection, manufacturers and their distribution partners have consistent, actionable data to accelerate sales and improve their channel collaboration. With a streamlined process and improved data security, capturing point-of-sale data has never been easier or more secure.  

POSConnection Electrical Industry Hub

POSConnection partners with NEMRA and has the support and endorsement of NAED in introducing the first electrical industry point-of-sale solution, enabling a standardized process for electrical manufacturers and distributors to safely and accurately transfer data.